WK4 Synthesis: Curating Through MCBS

I think curation was key this month in my team’s success. There was a lot of b-roll to sift through and a lot of different angles that needed to be strung together, which would have been impossible without a watchful eye. I had honestly never even thought about storing my content or how you could have too much of something or the wrong kind of something; but after reading these articles, I have changed my mind. After the last project, I had really started cataloging b-roll and although it’s not a lot now, I can see how it would become overwhelming if/when it continues. In the end, I kept a lot of my work because it was pretty precise but, again, I could see how it would get out of hand if you weren’t as precise.


One quote stuck out to me most in this assignments reading. “Without good metadata, good rights info and a way to store, deliver, review and distribute them, all you will have, in essence, is a big digital mausoleum—a place where “RIP” will be all you could say about some of those media assets! – Romney Whitehead – “Curation Before Creation”. It’s so simple yet so true! Like the old adage, “it’s about quality, not quantity.”


Because of this, I have purchased a dedicated space and have put all my (worth while) content on it. I have also taken the time to name them, place them into broad categories and color code them based on when I may use them in the future. I’m hoping this method will work, but I wont know for sure until I need b-roll again (which I cant imagine will be long).


Curating my resources have definitely enriched my MCBS experience. I have a solid foundation to access old and new information. I have a solid platform with Symbaloo to save my online content and a dedicated server space for all my original content. I think this is a great start to the rest of my learning experience, both in Full Sail and in my career.

About Christopher Gillispie

Hello, I'm Christopher! Im a twenty-something living in Miami. I travel all over for "work and play" and spend the rest of my time going to university.

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